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RN to BSN Online

Colorado Mesa’s online RN to BSN program provides a rigorous foundation for excellence in professional nursing practice. It is designed to prepare graduates who have met state licensure requirements to practice as a professional nurse, pursue graduate education, and assume leadership roles.

Complete Upper-Division Nursing Coursework
in as little as 12 months*
Credit Hours: 31 | Tuition: as low as $9,998 plus fees*
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Program Details

The program integrates nursing theory, practice, and science and prepares a highly competent professional. The comprehensive curriculum includes preparation in evidence based research, clinical outcomes, quality improvement and health care information systems.

What You'll Gain

  • Deeper insight into contemporary issues like gerontology, informatics, and the emerging role of nursing in community-based care
  • Faculty dedicated to your success: the same top-quality instruction as our on-campus program
  • Extensive knowledge of nursing theory, practice, and science
  • More opportunities for nursing leadership and management positions
  • The ability to become a more holistic caregiver

Top 10 reasons to enroll in CMU's online RN to BSN

Colorado Mesa faculty members give you personalized attention and valuable real-world insight so you can take your career to new levels. This CCNE-accredited program has full approval from the Colorado Board of Nursing.

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* Tuition and 12-month timeline refers to upper-division nursing courses only. Students must complete general education requirements, along with the nursing courses, for a total of 120 hours, to graduate. Essential learning/general education courses will be determined based on course transfers and individual advising. Not all essential learning/general education courses are offered online by CMU each semester. All other course requirements can be completed as corequisites and are determined by an individual advisor.

See Tuition & Financial Aid for details.

Online Courses

Upper Division Nursing Courses

Developing the Baccalaureate Role   –  NURS 300
Credit Hours: 3

Transition from diploma or associated degree registered nurse to professional practice of nursing at the baccalaureate level. Development of leadership and management skills. Includes effective communication, mentoring, ethics, social justice, conflict resolution, critical thinking, management of resources and quality improvement. Focus on role of nurse leader and manager as a change agent improving patient quality. Prerequisites: Admission to Pre-RN to BSN program.

Health Assessment and Promotion   –  NURS 320
Credit Hours: 3

Apply the knowledge necessary for completing a child, adult, and geriatric client health assessment. Use history taking and physical assessment skills to develop appropriate interventions designed to assist clients with health promotion and lifestyle changes. Students apply principles of health promotion through the life span in a variety of settings. Prerequisites: acceptance into RN-BSN program or Practicing RN with current license and permission of the Instructor.

Health Assessment and Promotion Lab   –  NURS 320L
Credit Hours: 1

Health Assessment and Promotion for the Nurse Laboratory

Health Informatics   –  NURS 408
Credit Hours: 3

Explores the use of information systems in health care and nursing practice. Examines current trends and issues in using, designing, and implementing health care information systems, healthcare information management, decision support and knowledge management applications in the context of challenges facing healthcare organizations today. Explores legal and ethical issues as related to the protection of the privacy, confidentiality, and security of information in health care environments, utility of wide array of personal health information management and social networking tools in communicating health-related information.

Quality Assessment and Improvement in Health Care Settings   –  NURS 409
Credit Hours: 3

Review of outcomes-based quality assessment and improvement methods. Focuses on techniques of measuring quality of care, customer satisfaction, and safety. Implementation of quality management programs, and creating a culture supporting adherence to best practices and standards. Prerequisite: permission of instructor

Population Health Nursing   –  NURS 410
Credit Hours: 3

The theoretical basis for nursing populations and community aggregates. RN students will analyze health of populations from a macro-system perspective. This perspective will be utilized to assess the health of and plan interventions for populations. Students will also evaluate the efficacy of these interventions and consider the effect of policy and finance on the health of these populations. Population risk reduction will be used to develop nursing interventions for high-risk aggregates.

Population Health Practice Experience   –  NURS 410L
Credit Hours: 1

Population Health Laboratory

Gerontological Nursing & Chronic Illness   –  NURS 418
Credit Hours: 3

The course will evaluate current key clinical information and issues central to caring for the highly specialized physiological and psycho-social needs of older adults. Review of the current financial, social, political, and cultural issues that affect nursing care for the elderly will be explored through a geriatric nursing curriculum in a scientifically sound, holistic process to provide care to this vulnerable population.

Nursing Research and Evidence - Based Practice I   –  NURS 426
Credit Hours: 3

Research with an emphasis on the assessment of the outcomes of health promotion and health care interventions. Research questions relevant to clinical practice are developed, with projects being completed the following semester. Prerequisite: STAT 200.

Leadership for the RN   –  NURS 430
Credit Hours: 3

Leadership and management theory are utilized in the development of the characteristics of a nurse leader. The role of the professional nurse as a change agent in shaping health care for the future is explored. Two hours of lecture per week and 45 hours of clinical experiences. Prerequisites: NURS 426.

Leadership for the RN Lab   –  NURS 430L
Credit Hours: 1

Nursing Leadership Laboratory

Capstone for Nursing   –  NURS 432
Credit Hours: 4

The registered nurse contributes to quality health care through lifelong learning and professional development of herself/himself and others, research data generation, clinical supervision and development of policy and clinical practice guidelines. The registered nurse develops their professional practice in accordance with the health needs of the population/society and changing patterns of disease and illness. The course will provide structure to develop and implement a formal written plan to exhibit competency in his or her professional practice.

Upper Division Electives

Based on advising.

Upper Division General Elective Credit Hours: 9

Additional Program Requirements for Graduation

(CMU will waive the courses Maverick Milestone, Essential Speech, Health & Wellness, and the KINA Elective if a student has a prior Bachelor’s degree or an Associate of Art or Associate of Science.)

Anatomy & Physiology Credit Hours: 3
Anatomy & Physiology Lab Credit Hours: 1
Anatomy & Physiology II Credit Hours: 3
Anatomy & Physiology II Lab Credit Hours: 1
Maverick Milestone/Speech 200 Credit Hours: 4
College Mathematics Credit Hours: 3
English Composition Credit Hours: 3
English Composition II Credit Hours: 3
Fine Arts Elective Credit Hours: 3
General Psychology Credit Hours: 3
Health & Wellness Credit Hours: 1
History Elective Credit Hours: 3
Human Growth & Development Credit Hours: 3
Humanities Elective Credit Hours: 3
Introduction to Microbiology (Recommended) Credit Hours: 3
Introduction to Microbiology Lab (Recommended) Credit Hours: 1
KINA Electives (1 course) Credit Hours: 1
Natural Science Elective Credit Hours: 7
Pathophysiology Credit Hours: 4
Probability & Statistics Credit Hours: 3
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