What to Expect in an RN to BSN Program

One of the biggest questions potential students have when considering an RN to BSN program is, “What is the difference in BSN curriculum compared to my associate degree program?” Most feel competent in RN practices, so they are not certain what to expect in an RN to BSN program. This can be especially true when considering an online nursing program, since most students completed their preliminary education on campus.

RN to BSN Bridge

The RN to BSN program provides a bridge for ADN-prepared nurses who seek to develop stronger critical thinking and analytical skills while advancing their careers. The RN to BSN program builds upon the foundational knowledge of the initial degree, while enhancing professional knowledge with better understanding of the greater healthcare system and its impact on patient care. The program can assist students with better understanding the cultural, political, economic and social issues that affect patient care.

Curriculum and Skills

Classes in an RN to BSN program will focus on evidence-based practice. Students will explore current practice and evidence to determine the best methods of patient care. Again, this builds on current practice and assists the student in becoming a change agent for the health system.

The curriculum will also foster leadership and management skills by offering opportunities to study leadership styles and systems that assist the professional nurse. As future healthcare leaders, students will study care at individual, organizational and national levels.

The curriculum in the Colorado Mesa University online RN to BSN program prepares students to understand complex healthcare situations in a professional and ethical manner. They will study ethical theories and professional standards to better understand the challenges of a nurse leader and professional care provider.

The online RN to BSN program will focus attention on the role of the nurse in public health by introducing students to community populations. This outreach concentrates on the role of the nurse in community health and assessing, planning and evaluating care for individuals and families in the community.

As nurses enroll in online RN to BSN programs to expand their knowledge and grow professionally, they will encounter many new concepts that offer better understanding of the role of the nurse in healthcare. Enrolling in an RN to BSN program not only develops new skills and knowledge, but it also empowers the leaders of tomorrow.

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