Professional and Personal Achievement With a BSN

Professional and Personal Achievement With a BSN

Earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) frequently comes with a heightened sense of professional and personal achievement. From expanding your employment opportunities to gaining more self-confidence, the impact on all aspects of your life can be profound.

BSN Professional Achievements

There are several professional achievements that may be linked to completing a Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program.

Increased marketability. Data from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) indicates that the demand for BSN-prepared nurses is growing, with nearly four out of five employers expressing a strong preference for candidates holding the degree.

This level of demand can offer reassurance against any future unknowns. “The hospital I work for is a small community hospital [and] I never know if we will get bought out,” said Janine Kelbach, an obstetrics nurse within weeks of completing an online RN to BSN program. “Now that I will have a BSN, I feel prepared … if I lost my job, I would still be marketable.”

Keith Carlson, nurse liaison and content strategist for, has held his BSN since 2001 and found that the designation is desired by employers. “Nurses are in high demand, and while it’s true that many positions are still open to [nurses with an associate degree], some acute care facilities — including Magnet hospitals — are favoring nurses with a BSN,” he said. He believes his credentials have made him a more attractive candidate to potential employers, even crediting it with helping him land a promotion to director of nursing at one point in his career.

Eligible for additional career avenues. BSN-prepared nurses may find they are eligible for more employment opportunities beyond clinical care roles. Carlson, who has worked in home health, case management, public health, and is now a self-employed freelance writer and consultant, encourages nurses who would like to pursue positions in the pharmaceutical, biotech or medical device industries to pursue at least a BSN. For those interested in a nursing educator role, he says a BSN (or higher) is often required to explore that avenue as well.

Even students nearing degree completion can visualize a greater number of future opportunities. “I do see more opportunities in my future,” said Kelbach. She envisions working as a travel nurse and feels the degree, coupled with her experience, can make her an appealing candidate to employers.

Enhanced level of credibility. Nurses who complete a BSN program may find it earns them more respect and credibility among their peers. “A BSN provides a certain level of credibility when speaking with physicians and other allied health professionals. As a nurse who speaks at conferences, [I’ve found that] having at least a BSN is also helpful in terms of credibility,” said Carlson.

BSN Personal Achievements

Earning a bachelor’s degree also has merit when it comes to personal achievement.

Sense of accomplishment. Returning to school as an adult can be a difficult choice to make, and fear can sometimes be the biggest hindrance. “The thought of going back to school frightened me like no other,” said Kelbach. “Not to say achieving my BSN has been an easy road; it’s a different road. I [feel I can] do anything [now]. I am told that if you can get through a BSN program, you can get through a master’s program.”

Improved self-confidence. Students who are dedicated to completing the program may find a boost in self-confidence too. “Earning a bachelor’s degree was important to me personally in terms of improved self-confidence and academic achievement,” said Carlson. The confidence gained from knowing that you have set a significant goal and accomplished it can spill over into other areas of your life as well.

Better time-management skills. The rigorous online RN to BSN coursework can be a challenge, especially for students who are already balancing work schedules, family life and other commitments. “In [an] online program, I have learned a lot about time management that has carried over into my personal life,” said Kelbach.

Looking Forward

Making the decision to enroll in an online RN to BSN program can be daunting; however, the professional and personal benefits that accompany completing such a program can serve you now and well into the future.

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